Shannon Quinn / Matt Steele

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Evergreen Stage
Evergreen Stage

Shannon Quinn and Matt Steele on the Evergreen Stage


Shannon Quinn | 1:00-1:40pm
Shannon Quinn has been performing as a Celtic artist for the past 20 years. As a fiddler she toured internationally with the Paul McKenna Band from Glasgow, and also as a sideman to many artists including Joel Plaskett, Lennie Gallant and Jimmy Rankin. 

Shannon Quinn


Matt Steele | 2:00-2:40pm
Matt Steele explores love and life with a whimsical nod to the nostalgia of seventies pop. He draws from his southern Kentucky roots with a slight vocal drawl, while clearly embracing his Canadiana lineage in his sonic delivery. 

Matt Steele


Evergreen Stage

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Evergreen Stage

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