Killam Brewery Markets

Open Hearth

Open Hearth at Killam Brewery Markets is a unique and special event. Gather to spread joy, build community, and celebrate the holidays! As you stroll along the Halifax boardwalk stop by to relax and connect in our inclusive environment, only at Open Hearth.

Come check out the Lower Courtyard’s cheerful ambience. Warm up at our fire pits, peer into the stunning antique art display, listen to @EastCoastCarolling beautiful harmonies, and enjoy @CopperBranchHalifax delicious cooking and refreshments.

When you are there, be sure to look for and add your very own personal MESSAGE OF KINDNESS in support of the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. These messages will each be printed on an ornament, and publicly displayed on holiday trees at the Brewery Market’s Open Hearth outdoor venue and in the courtyard of Bishop’s Landing, in downtown Halifax. This year has been hard on everyone, but as a community, with kindness, we can make it through together.

Every donation made with a Message of Kindness will be matched up to $10,000 by Killam Apartment REIT and Southwest Properties.



This year felt like a portal, seeing each other through glass, the passage of time so abstract, the wonder and magic of what’s possible for our future, what’s gone and what lies ahead.


The idea of gathering around a fire for warmth is universal. It’s not about any particular holiday, but the spirit of gathering, sharing light, stories and space. Everyone’s holidays look different. This is a celebration of our differences.


The windows in this installation are original to the Saint John City Market dating back to 1876, designated a National Historic Site in 1986, kin to the Killam Brewery Market.


Light therapy can help ease the symptoms of depression, sleep disorders and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). In partnership with the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia and Killam Apartment REIT, the artists focused on the use of light, colour and movement to bring a sense of hope, wonder, and joy.


The historic Saint John City Market in New Brunswick has recently undergone renovations to upgrade their windows. Antique collector, Albert MacDonald wanted to make a greenhouse feature for he and his wife Wendy to enjoy. So, he bought all the old windows and had them delivered to his home in PEI. Fathom Studio spotted the windows during the development of the artwork and knew the windows embodied the perfect symbol for this pandemic year. The windows had another life to live. And so, they began their journey from NB to PEI to the historic Brewery Market in NS.

Killam Brewery Markets
Open Hearth

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