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Did you know shopping from downtown Dartmouth businesses is so easy you can do it from the comfort of your home? Everything featured in this gift guide is available online! 

Most downtown Dartmouth shops offer online shopping, contactless pickup and home delivery options.  Need some help? With a phone call or a DM, you'll get personalized service you won't find anywhere else.

When you buy local, you're giving a gift back to your community. Here are the links to purchasing the items in this gift guide:  

MacAusland Wool Lap Blanket from Kept Shop
Glerups slippers from Nature Folk Wellness Studio
Silk pillowcase from Interlude Spas
Ticket To Ride Game from Tic Tac Go Escape Room and Games
Zozoville "Selfie” 1000 piece puzzle from Tic Tac Go Escape Room and Games
Pasta dinner and T-shirt gift box from Maria’s Pantry
Pottery mug from The Dart Gallery
Hemp seed 3-in-1 massage oil candle from Indulgence Intimate Apparel
Cabin socks from New Scotland Clothing Co.
Local Driftwood Christmas Tree from Kept Shop - Just restocked! Link to be posted ASAP
Cozy Quarrantine

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