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Promoting the rugged beauty of the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia through ART.

We opened the Eastern Shore Gallery in July of 2020 with 20 artists in a small mall in Head of Jeddore. We are very blessed to have visitors and local residents supporting us, and have been able to expand to 75 artists in November of 2020, when we took occupation of larger premises in Head of Jeddore. 

The owner of the Gallery is Anthea Taljaard, who was born and raised in South Africa, before living and working in the Middle East for four years. She met her wife during this time and finally settled win Nova Scotia last year as a resident of the Eastern Shore. Both are seasoned travellers with a broad appreciation of multicultural influences, hand crafts and design. Educated in Business Management, it was a natural evolution for Anthea to bring her international and cultural experience to Nova Scotia and to focus on expanding the artistic and multicultural footprint of the Eastern Shore. 

The Eastern Shore's Gallery consists of 3 main areas. The main gallery display area, a small flower and herb shop run by the Witches of Saltwater Marsh, as well as a maker space for wholesale buying. 

Our online SHOP holds our artists' works and the STORIES page highlights their biographies. We encourage online shopping and will ship globally. 


Product offerings for the Evergreen Festival market

Fabric art - tea towels, rug hooks, aprons

Folk art paintings and carvings


Beach glass


Christmas ornaments

Metal work

Handmade Cards

Oil,  acrylic and watercolour Paintings

Goat's Milk Soaps

Clam shell decoupage

Eastern Shore

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