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Sense and SensibiliTea Specializes in small-batch hand blended luxury teas based on historical recipes or inspired by literature. We like to say our teas are Time Travel in a Cup. Each member of our little family has worked hard to bring our tea business to where it is now. All of us are tea lovers, with a passion for literature, history, learning, and a good ol' cup of brown joy.

We want to do more than just serve you a pot of tea, we want to bring you a beautiful and special experience. Each of our historical teas comes with the history attached to that particular blend, while our literary teas come with quotes from their inspired work as well as information about the book they are inspired by. We want each of our customers to experience the love of learning something new, and the engagement of finding new love in a book. We love tea, but we want to be so much more than that too!

Menu and product offerings for the festival:
- Artisanal Historical and Literary Inspired Loose Leaf Tea Blends
- Drinking Chocolates
- Hot cups of Tea and SpecialTea Drinks



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